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    back and forth between catalyst and flash proffesional?

    symbolized_bar_code Level 2

      Obviously new to catalyst, but is there a way to go back and forth easily between catalyst and flash professional. I see no way to export something out of catalyst, if I try to bring in an fxp file to Pro I get the message Unexpected file format, and I can only import a swf file, not an fla into catalyst. And I definitely not the coder guy that uses flash builder.


      At this point I was only trying to recreate my portfolio site to familiarize myself with catalyst, nothing that will ever go live. Sort of figured it would be a good learning experience, but am running to some problems.


      For instance my resume on my existing site is set up using runtime armatures created using the bone tool. The only scripting needed was to register the armatures since they were not on frame 1. The only thing I can think to do in this situation would be to create it as its own flash file, publish it, and then import the swf into catalyst. Is the best option for something like this?


      Cant think of anything else I wont be able to recreate in catalyst, or at least close enough for the purposes of this project, but I am also sure I will run into similar situations with real projects down the road.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions.