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    Multicamera edit problem (another one)

    jdmack01 Level 1

      I am trying to do a 3-camera edit.  I created a sequence with the three shots lined up.  I then created a new sequence, nested the first sequence into this sequence, enabled multicamera, brought up the multicamera monitor, and began my edit.  Soon after, any attempts to play my project were met with "rendering required files" accompanied by a slowly moving yellow bar, and ending with . . . nothing.  The yellow bar reaches 100% and hangs there.  I can hit "cancel" and try it again, but the same thing happens repeatedly and I cannot get the project to play in real time.  I *can* scroll and manually make my edits that way, but cutting to the beat (which I'm trying to do) is out of the question.


      As an experiment, I created a third sequence, imported the first sequence again, and had the same experience.  I can get the project to play in the multicamera monitor and make some edits exactly once, but if I hit "stop," I have the same "rendering required files" issue if I try to play the sequence again.  I'm stumped.


      Windows Vista 64 bit

      CS 4.2.1

      4 megs memory

      Intel quad core processor (model is escaping me right now)


      I'll happily provide any other information that would help someone figure this out for me.



      J. D.