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    Bill Hunt - One more question

    NC Lady Panthers

      Hi Bill,


      Thanks for the quick response!  When you're talking about the field order, etc, are you saying I need to change how I record the bball games or can I simply change the setting on my computer to match my camera and it should fix the video problem?  PLEASE tell me I just need to change a setting and re-burn the dvd.....I don't have to do the entire video over, do I????  ALSO, you said to go to the website G-Spot???  Can you give me the full website address?  When I google that you can imagine what websites pull up!!!     THANKS!

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Actually, Steve addressed the Field Order issue in your other THREAD. The proper Project Preset for your camera will make it as good as it gets. An HDD camera, or a mini-DVD camera, will not be the best to capture and edit higher motion work, due to the initial MPEG-2 Encoding applied in-camera. Still, the results can be OK, if the Project Preset chosen is for an HDD camera.


          As for G-Spot, you can either click on that word in my previous post - it's a link, like the word "THREAD" above. Note the color (unless you are reading via e-mail). Anyway, the link is: http://www.headbands.com/gspot. While it's a great utility, I wish they'd named it something else. Yes, I can imagine the sites that Google would turn up!


          Good luck, and do follow Steve's links to his Basic Training for PrE in the other threads.


          Also, it would be best to just do a Reply in your initial thread, so that things can stay together. With three threads going, we can easily get confused, and it will likely confuse others in the future, as answers are scattered around in several discussions.


          Good luck,



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            nealeh Level 5

            Gspot (no hyphen) refers to the codec identification utility. G-Spot (with hyphen) is short for Gräfenberg Spot and refers to the bean-shaped area of the vagina .


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              Thanks for the help!!!  I did go to Steve's Getting Started tutorial.  The problem is, we never found where we could change our settings.  We are using Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0 and we looked under every possible category to change it (under New Project, etc) and we can't find where it will let us change anything.  Sorry - I'm just a bball coach, but our 2 tech teachers are working with me on this and they have listened to Steve's tutorial, as well and we can't figure it out.  We see it if we are on Adobe Premiere Pro, but not Elements 3.0.  Can you help me?  And, does this mean I will have to re-capture all my videos and start this project over or is there any possible way to improve the quality of the dvd through the burning process alone? 


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                In version 2, the opening "splash" screen gives you the option of creating a new project or opening an old.


                In the upper right corner is a button labeled Set-up. Click that to change your project settings.