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    Image Problem pehaps due to anchor


      Hello - I'm currently learning DW CS3, and am having a problem with a ghost image - Thusfar I have an index page, along with a page 2. Page 2 consists of a heading, subheading "with a named anchor", an image, and a few paragraphs. When page 2 is viewed in a browser, all is good.


      When I open my index page in a browser, and click the relative link to page 2, all is good as well. When I click the link on my index page to the named anchor on page 2 however, my images do not show up - The text is still aligned as if the image were there, and in viewing the page code shows the image is there. Also It takes me right to where the anchor is inserted.


      The subheading, anchored link, image, and text are all located in a merged cell within a table if this has anything to do with it.