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    UIScrollbar drag n' drop problems


      I'm cruising through the Classroom in a Book series for ActionScript 3.0 and I'm having problems with the uiscrollbar attaching to a text field.  I've used them before, but this time when I drag it over to the text field it keeps jumpimg to the outside of the box instead of attaching and I can't seem to get in inside the box unless I manually change the X and Y settings and force it where I want it to be.  Even then it doesn't work correctly.  Is it me or is this lesson and/or the files just messed up ?

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          nrajbhan Level 3



          UIScrollBars always attach to the top, left, right or bottom of the TextField you drag them onto depending on which quadrant you release them.  Which tutorial shows them attaching to the center of the field?


          Also, in order for the UIScrollBar to snap to the TextField and associate itself with that TextField, you need to make sure the Snap to Objects option is turned on (the magnet tool).




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            Brett1962Brett Level 1

            I wasn't trying to put it in the center, but anytime I tried to get it to snap inside the dynamic text field it kept jumping to an outside edge of the box instead of inside.  No matter what I did it acted like it just wasn't going to stay inside.  After reading your reply I went back and made sure "snap to object" was selected, thinking last time I was selecting snap to guides or grid.  Much to my dissapointment snap to object was selcted, but I tried it one more time and damn if it didn't suddenly work like it was supposed to.  Not sure what happened, but I believe that was it.