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    DropShadowFilter and Image Distortion from Ruben noise problem

    minimum99 Level 1

      I am using DistortImage from Ruben  (http://www.rubenswieringa.com/blog/distortimage) applying the  DropShadowFilter to an image before applying the DistortImage. The image  has noise artifacts after the shadow is added.  If shadow is not added, the image after distorted looks very clean. Ruben uses Shape to  fill the distorted image. I then tried to add DropShadowFilter after applying  the DistortImage and hope the noise would go away, but the shadow shows  at the boundary of the Shape which is rectangular and not at the distorted image boundary a non-rectangular shape.


      I  use the draw() method to copy the distorted image in Shape to a  BitmapData object. Then use the applyFilter method on the BitmapData to  apply the DropShadowFilte. This is the only way I know how to transfer  bitmap image from Shape to BitmapData.


      Can someone please help explain why the shadow shows at the shape boundary and not the distorted image boundary?


      Thanks in advance.