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        The article lost credibility on this line here:


        "What makes the Matrox MAX technology so special is that you don’t need  an 8 to 12 core, top-of-the-line system to get the performance benefits  of Mercury.  You can use your quad-core systems with any of Matrox’s MAX  devices and have the ability to accelerate the Mercury Playback Engine."


        First, that's not even close to indicating how the Mercury Playback Engine works or how the Matrox solution would help, nor is it true that you would otherwise need an 8 or 12 core top-of-the-line system in the first place. This is like one of those infomercials that creates a problem for you then attempts to help you solve the problem with their product.


        Or kind of like shark repellant for people who are landlocked.


        My opinion...if you're using a certified GPU and have a decent quad core system (or better) with a decent amount of RAM, you're getting the MPE goodness and won't likely see any ROI from purchasing additional Matrox hardware.

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          All good points. I agree. Thanks for the insight.