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    Can scripting detect a Graphic Box above text?


      Greetings gurus, one and all!  I come before you on bended knee seeking your help.


      Is it possible within InDesign (CS3) scripting to detect when text is shifted or "wrapped" around a graphic box?  I need to be able to detect when text in a paragraph has been "split" and moved to the opposite side of a graphic box.  I am trying to piece together a (fairly complex and ambitious) script and cannot find anything on this topic.


      Your help and assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.





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          Harbs. Level 6

          No need to grovel...


          There's no easy way.

          You would need to iterate through all page items and check if text wrap is applied. If yes, you'll need to check the bounds relative to the bounds of your text frame (as well as z order if the preference is checked).


          Not an easy task, but doable if the need is great enough...



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            Arkonus Level 1

            Harbs, thank you for your insight, you're helping me on my way closer to my goal!


            I think the idea of using Z-sorting would be most beneficial as with each line count I make in my [background] text box I can do a loop check for anything that has a value different from the text box itself.  I hadn't thought of that, thanks a lot!


            I don't suppose you've got any helpful hints as to how I can check for "soft returns" as opposed to "hard returns" do you?  Yes I'm  a total newb trying to teach myself InDesign scripting, and no I haven't found the command for this in the scripting manual, lol.  My luck I propoably read over it and was too confused to notice it, hehehe.


            As always, any help provided is *greatly* appreciated, complete with unnecessary grovelling