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    MPEG-2 render causing audio change on specific effect.

    Intercostal Level 1

      I previously added both a Highpass and Reverb effect to a WAV clip in Premiere CS3.  I've played a clip from within Premiere numerous times and was satisfied with the sound. I've test rendered the clip as a WMV and MOV many times and it sounded the way I wanted it to.


      The clip is supposed to sound like it is coming from a speaker phone. Below are the settings.


      Today, when rendering the the entire 15 minute movie to MPEG-2  I discovered the only problem with sound is that clip. It sounds distorted. If I were to guess I'd say the problem was from the HIGHPASS effect and not the reverb effect.


      Why would a MPEG2 render reveal or create a sound problem that I don't hear from within Premiere and have never heard in any NON-mpeg2 renders?


      Maybe there are some other settings(or effects) that will achieve the same effect result but won't be affected negatively by a MPEG-2 render?


      This is 1 of 2 weird problems with the MPEG-2 render but the other is non-audio related and I'll save it for another thread.


      The effect settings: