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    Flex 4 best website structure?

    FM_Flame Level 1

      As topic says I am wondering what's the best way to build a website. Lets make an example with a standart website: 5 buttons which lead to 5 pages.


      As far as I know I can make the website struction with states for each page or with the ViewStack component with 5 views. I know that there are also some way of loading modules like in flash you have a menu with 5 buttons each loading different swf in the same loader when clicked.


      So total I have 3 ways of building the website as I see it.


      Things that make me wonder:

      1) if the webiste is very simple than mabe only states will be enough, but as far as I know the ViewStack component has a feature that can address each view by changing the http url. This is a great thing so does anyone know if I am able to apply it somehow without that component? So to speak how does this component do that and can I implement it in a custom way?


      2) If I use the ViewStack and the website is more complicated I've read somewhere that each view loads only when it's has been selected. Does this mean that everything that's in it is not initiated until that moment? For example one of my pages is more complicated so I want to use a module for it which I want to load in a (not sure what the thing that load modules yet) module loader put in a view of the ViewStack. So If I set that module  loader to load the module, will it do it right away or will wait until the view in which it's put is selected? Also if in this module I have another ViewStack will it create url for each view again cause this time it will be more complicated because the url should pass data which should set the first ViewStack to the view with the module, then the module to load and then to select a view from the ViewStack it has? Maybe here it will be good to know how to make each section in ur website accessible directly from and url in a custom way if my thinking so far isn't the way things actually work. So if someone knows what's the proper way of building the site with this functionality please give some simple example or if not so simple please explain how things should be done in theory.


      3) Having options 1) and 2), is it a better practice to module each page like in flash... website menu buttons.. loader, swf for each page?


      Someone with experience on building website with flex will probably know perfectly of what I am talking about so please share with us your thoughts