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    SWF Loader - not loading from variables





      id="imgComp" width="250" height="150" source="C:/projects/Flexprj/file1swf" autoLoad="true" complete="fnTest()"/>


      The above code is working find and it is loading the swf fine


      The problem comes when I read a list of files and load it..  I read a CSV file,  to get a list of SWF names.


      Then I have the following





      (var iLoop:int=0;iLoop<_arrBanners.length;iLoop++) {


           imgComp.source = 

           imgComp.source =





      1. If I give something like this. It is not loading the SWF and

      2. If I give a URL for the imgComp.source , does that download the SWF each time. If so, is there any way to download all the files to local and load from thr.


      Thanks & Regards