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    CMYK swatches in CS4 Kuler palette?


      Wondering if I'm missing something...


      As a print designer, I love Kuler and having the ability to access Kuler through the Creative Suite. I've recommended the site to many of my co-workers and they've been using it too, but I have strong reservations about recommending it to any of our clients. With only RGB sliders available, when I add selected colors to my Swatches Palette in InDesign, they are all in RGB - not CMYK, which is what I need for printed design work. While my co-workers and I certainly know that we should take the step to change these RGB colors to CMYK, we are often working with novice clients who do not understand how to work with color (what we all jokingly refer to as the "camera ready" files). I'd rather not have to spend time cleaning up their files, so I don't tell them about Kuler even though I'm sure many of them would find it helpful. Perhaps I'm missing a crucial step myself, but I haven't seen a place where I can switch to CMYK sliders in the Kuler palette inside InDesign and/or load CMYK colors into InDesign. When I do web design in Flash and Photoshop, the RGB is great, as are the Hex values, but print isn't dead yet. Would it be possible to add this function? While we're on the subject, any chance of adding Pantone colors? I know that probably involves some licensing, but for print designers who still use Pantone colors on a regular basis, this could be a great help. Any print designer will tell you that Pantone has been around for a long time for a reason - Pantone color mixtures are predictable on press. Mixing up CMYK colors on your own can have interesting and sometimes unfortunate results. Thanks for a great site. Looking forward to further developments!