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    Allow CUDA utilization from secondary display card


      Currently Photoshop CS5 will crash when trying to enable OpenGL if you are using two different graphics cards.


      My personal example...


      Primary - ATI 5850 Radeon 1 GB

      Secondary - nVidia 8800GT 512 MB


      ATI Stream is useless for me in all current Adobe products utilizing OpenGL. I only use my 8800GT as a secondary display to view movies and it would be wonderful if I could use it for more than a display/PhysX card.


      I do not know if this is a driver limitation or if it just is not implemented into Photoshop and the other products but I think it would be very helpful to either include ATI Stream support or allow CUDA utilization from a secondary graphics card.


      Thank you for your great products!

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          Probably a driver limitation.

          We test photoshop with mixed display cards on Windows (on Macintosh, the OS does not support OpenGL with mixed video cards).


          And Photoshop does not use CUDA or ATI Stream.

          Photoshop is just using OpenGL and GLSL.

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            Abduman42 Level 1

            Thank you for your quick reply!


            I figured it was just a driver limitation, or that they weren't playing nice together. It is strange to me that they worked together fine in CS4, but perhaps it is due to advancement in OpenGL uses in CS5? I have no real idea, merely that my setup did not transition from CS4 to CS5 well.


            I also didn't realize PS didn't utilize CUDA or ATI Stream, I guess that part of the post is better kept to Premiere and After Effects?


            Thank you again Mr. Cox.