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    AVCHD presets in CS5 where? + Settings...

    getho Level 2

      Am I being dumb, or do I need to load them from somehwere I have no AVCHD preset in the sequence or general tab when I create a new project


      ( in sequence I have DV24, DV NTSC, DV pal, DVC pro 50HD, Mobile and devices)


      Finding it hard to find resources on line about editing AVCHD, so heres what I've got...


      I get frequent glitches and weirdness in CS5 (rendered sections look terribl, occasional crashes. SOmetimes a single layer of AVCHD wont play smoothly, sometimes several layers will play fine).  I'm using mecury hardware playback with a GTX275. I shoot pal 1080p @ 25 and edit @ 720p



      EDIT MODE: desktop

      25 fps

      1280x720, 16:9

      Sqaure pixels

      no fields






      Microsft avi

      ( I was using MS video one, had issues so I've swapped to p2 DVCPro 50 PAL)


      Unticked max bit depth andrender quality