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    as3 scrolling BG's disable buttons


      I have several layers of scrolling BGs via action script.  In between these layers are a set of simple buttons made via "button" symbols.  Within the stage, the buttons are recognized, however, when I test the movie, the buttons are not recognized/activated by the cursor.  My guess is that the scrolling BGs that are on top of everything else (NOT added via "addChild" in a blank movie clip below all other layers) are somehow "blocking" my cursor from reading the simple buttons "below" them. 


      For the visual aspect of the project, the scrolling BGs are needed both "below" and "above" the buttons, so I need a work-around for simple button use in this multi-level scrolling BG environment.  (just to clarify, by "above" and "below" I dont mean vertically above and below, but rather "layered" above and below, so as to "cover" eachother). 


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's one thing that changed between AS2 and AS3.  In AS2 a movieclip object will not block interaction with a button hidden behind it, but in AS3 it will... I can't say if the change was intentional or just a consequence of under/oversight.


          One solution could be to use invisible buttons over the buttons on a layer atop all layers.  If the buttons normally animate when interaction occurs, you could have them as movieclips and have the invisible buttons command the animations of the movieclip psuedo-buttons.