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    Camera Raw 6.1pre - scrolling performance worse than in CR6 for me

    Stig N



      I like the quality of the new processing in CR6, but the performance  is much worse than in CS4/CR5.x. This is especially annoying when you  try to scroll in a Raw file using the hand-tool. But then I saw the 6.1 prerelease announced containing "performance enhancements designed to improve the responsiveness  of the controls and the scrolling mechanism relative to Camera Raw 6.0". Happily I immediately decided to give the new prerelease a try...


      But unfortunately I don't see a performance gain when scrolling in CR6.1pre. It is actually worse for me in 6.1 than it was in 6.0. It is now almost impossible to scroll out to the corners of a Raw file using the hand-tool. It fells like it get stuck. And I know never know if I have actually have reached a corner or it is just stuck somewhere on the way out to it. So now if I want to go to a corner, I find it much easier to zoom out by double clicking the hand, and then zoom into the corner by clicking the magnify tool in the corner.


      But the new lens correction is great ! :-)


      Win XP Pro x64 Edition.