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    mapping pictures to a cylinder or sphere



      first of all, i would like to say , from past half an hour i am trying to post a question but i am unable to find the link to post a msg, its better if u provide a tab to post a question there we can search for the particular forum.

      i have seen a question tht was askd in the illustrator -> discussions , mapping pictures to a sphere, i have the same problem but i have add the pictures to 3D objects like cup, basket ball.i am working on flex3. i have used away3D engine to solve tht but the picture is occupying the whole object, like its adding the picture to top and bottom also. plz provide me help. i tried to search for a contact to Mr.scott falkner who provided soln in tht thread but i am not able to get his e-mail and not able to post this ques to him directly thru adobe forum..i dont know now also whether he can see this post or not.. but any one who worked on it plz help.