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    Can't Change Page Title


      I created my site in Dreamweaver, and I at least knew half way what was going on. I recently hired this gut to boost my SEO, and he did some things with php that I can't seem to wrap my mind around.


      Anyway, I needed to make a new page, so I grabbed one of the existing pages and did a Save As. I did what I needed to do to the main content and it's still attached to the header and footer files in the Includes folder. (All I know about that is...well...nothing.)


      The thing is, in Dreamweaver, the Page Title field has this: <?php echo $title; ?>


      No matter what I do, it always goes back to that, and so my "Photography" page is still called "About-Lightshine-Productions," which is the page I used and did the Save As from.


      Any suggestions?




      PS Thanks as well to Nancy, who very graciously helped me out with some code, but I'm afraid it's just way over my head and I'm afraid to touch it.