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    Pixel Noise from a psd file


      I am working on an animation in CS3 of open condom wrappers spinning onto a flat plane as the camera pans over them.

      The composition is 24fps 1280X720 sRGB using 8 bit color if that matters. The plane the condoms spin onto is a comp size white solid with a ramp effect on it.

        The wrappers are made of 3 psd files controlled by a null: one front, one rear, and 1 that is transparent until the wrapper hits the plane, then becomes visible with a drop shadow.

        The junk pixels around the wrappers are far more noticable in the actual comp.

        Since I masked this wrapper out of a photo, I assumed that I had missed some pixels. I went to the original and scrubbed everything out of the psd that could possibly be causing this. After I cleaned the psd I reloaded it for each iteration, no effect. I did a replace on each psd and then reloaded again (just in case), still no effect.

        It looks so clearly like junk pixels and yet I've checked the source psd anywhere from 10-15 times in disbelief and the problem just isn't there. Is there anything I could be overlooking? has anyone else run into this?




      Wrappers Dropping Comp (0-00-08-10)_2 copy.jpgFrame from comp



      Wrappers Dropping Comp (0-00-08-10) copy.jpgtaken from comp - Junk pixels under arrows

      Open wrapper - Red copy.jpgOriginal

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          Are there any layer styles involved? 3D shadows? In the latter case, upping the shadow map resolution in the advanced comp settings may help, in the first case tweaking the parameters for the style may be necessary. Also crop the image in PS by 1 pixel on all sides. Sometimes creating transparency leaves garbage outside the visible area (which PS retains, if the layer started out bigger).