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    Illustrator as a document cleanup tool?

    Kalles Kaviar

      Hi all,


      At work I need to use some software to "clean up" documents, mainly PDF's, so that they look good in an institutional repository. Most files I handle are ok but often I get scanned copies of a book/chapter or an article and they look terrible (lots of black dots/stuff, blurry text, black edges etc). When I can't get better copies I use PaperPort to fix them up but since it's a very buggy and, for my needs, limited software I'm looking for an alternative. Now, I've got access to illustrator, and all the rest in CS5, but I have zero experience with this package.


      Is illustrator a good choice for this? Or perhaps some of the other apps in CS5 are better?

      If so, are there any good tutorials around for this specific application (I haven't been able to find any)


      Any advice or suggestions are appreciated