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    Manifest file vs mxi file

    Harbs. Level 6

      I figured I'll write a post to clarify an issue which I ran into...


      It might (or might not) be obvious, but the manifest file of a CS extension is very different than Extension Manager mxi files. I was trying to figure out how to include in a manifest file additional files (such as scripts or plugins) to be installed into the correct locations, as one can do with mxi files. Fortunately I didn't spend to much time before Zak told me that it was a dead end...


      Thanks to Zak and Bob for the info below:


      To install additional scripts or plugins along with a CS Extension, you need to create an mxi file and package the extension using Extension Manager post-facto to creating the extension.


      If all you need to do, is load some stuff on startup (like menus or what-have-you), an alternate to this would be to give an extension (or part thereof) a lifecycle of being triggered by applicationActivate and you can then dismiss the UI element which is created or move it really far off screen...