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    VB6 CS4 WIN7 problem


      Hi there,


      right now I am getting trouble to run my scripts under win7.

      Every time I try to access InDesign object I get "type mismatch" error.

      Look at the code:


      Dim mInDesign as InDesign.Application

      Set mInDesign=GetObject("","InDesign.Application.CS4")

      ---- InDesign starts hier so the access work but after InDesign is runing I get the error...

      ---- CreateObject cause the same....

      The same code works fine if I change the definition of mInDesign to:

      Dim mInDesign as Object.

      The same things happens with ALL InDesign object like Page, Spread, TextFrame, a.s.o.

      I use Creative Suite CS4 english, Windows 7 Enterprise Testversion, VS 6.0.


      Is there any solution for this problem? - my application is realy huge so I don't want to change the whole code...



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          Try Dim mInDesign as Object or better


          It appears that this problem can be avoided if immediately after installing InDesign (before before running InDesign) you set the InDesign shortcut compatibility options to "run as administrator". Then run InDesign once.