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    Help Please!


      Hi all


      I've made the most stupid mistake with my website and have no clue how to fix it, ive tried almost everything i can think of, so i now turn to you for help.


      Basically I uploaded my website via an ftp site. In an effort to fix another issue ive been having, I decided to make the stupid move of overwriting my files on my hard drive with the files that were uploaded onto ftp. It may sound ok, but when i did this, it converted all my dreamweaver files into a weird looking html file which looks like my current about us page when you go to my website.


      Because of this, one of my links on my website "About Us" i no longer can upload and re-edit, it's simply not allowing me to, so when you click on about us page, it doesn't look normal. If I could some how convert my files to it's original form (like when it is when you develop your pages on dreamweaver), i'll be able to re-upload this page and have it look normal.


      Is there something i can do to revert back to the normal dreamweaver files i originally had? I hope this makes sense, i'm so worried that i'll have to start all over again just to fix this one page.


      my website is www.wizcleaners.com.au


      if you click on the about us page, you'll see what i mean. Can anyone help please?