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    Problem with clip order


      This is both a question and request for suggestions.
      I'm very new to using Premier Pro CS4 having used VideoStudio for a long time. But due to a mutitude of bugs and constant crashes I just gave up on it and made the switch to Premiere.


      I've start putting together projects formed from AVCHD clips. My camera creates each scene as a file. With VideoStudio I had to use TSmuxeR to merge them into a single clip otherwise it would just fall over plus take hours (literaly) to start because it wanted to check each clip. WHen you have hunderds in a project this is a problem.


      Premier handles this much better doing things in the background but I've had some issues with clips getting reordered. Maybe my whole approach is just wrong and I'm open to suggestions.


      As an example, I break the clips up into segments which relate to a subject and put those into a bin. So in a project I might have 700 clips in 10 bins with 50 to 100 clips in each bin. And I might have a dozen projects which make up a "production". But when I import the clips (this is windows) the last clip always gets to be the first imported. This is a common windows problem which I don't know how to get around. In any case, when it gets imported I then reorder the clips. The name of the clips coming off the camera is a date time code like 20100514082312.mts which is unique and you can order by date very easily but it is really hard to read.


      The problem I seem to have if I take a bin (that'sbeen sorted) and drag it to the timeline, the last clip always gets inserted first. I'm guessing that Premier is remembering the order the clips got imported and not how I sort them in the bins.


      Since I tend to move things around a lot it's a hassle to keep deting the first clips then put on the end of the sequence etc.

      Is there a way to get around this? Like make the order in the bins stick, or order the clips by name in the time line or maybe get them imported in the right order in the first place?


      Or is the way I'm doing this all wrong. I admit it's hard to ditch the way I did things in VideoStudio which might be imposing some bad habits.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Open the Project Window and click on the word Name: a little triangle will appear.

          Now click again and it will order alphabetic or numeric. Click again and the order will be reversed.

          You can do the same will all the other row like framerate, media start etc.

          If your clips have these long names/numbers you can change that in the Windows Explorer.

          Order them by date and then rename them.

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            rmoz Level 1

            Yes, I have done that and the clips do sort by name. But when I drag the bin (as a whole) to the timeline, the

            first clip inserted is the last clip (alphabetically). The second clip is the second clip, the third is the third but the last is the first.

            So no matter how I sort the bin, the first and last clips are always the wrong way around.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Ann has given you good info, and it should help you do what you need easily. One other little tip is that you can order the columns in your Project Panel, and there are even some that are not shown by default, but can be turned on. You version of PrPro will determine exactly how that is done, but many versions allow one to Edit Columns via the little arrowhead at the upper-right of the Panel via a flyout menu. You also have several "text" cells that might prove useful to you, as you can fill those in with terms that will help you identify the footage easily. You can also Order on those Columns with Ann's instructions. I often move my Description Column to right after the name. In prior versions, the Column edits were Project-specific. As of CS4, one can set those globally, so that all Projects Open with the customized Columns.


              Good luck, and enjoy PrPro.



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                pebalsamo Level 2

                I too have had this problem in premiere.  It does not always seem to happen but it does sometimes.  What I have gotten in the habit of doing is instead of dragging the bin over, I open up the bin then click on the first clip scroll down to the bottom and shift click the last clip and then drag them over to the timeline.  I cannot recall having the issue of the last clip coming first when doing it this way.  Just FYI Premiere will put the clips in the timeline in the order that you select them.  So if you start at the bottom and shift clik the first clip, when you drag them to the timline they will be in reverse order.  Or you can ctrl click clips in a specific order and when you drag them to the timeline they will be dropped in the order that you clicked on the clips.


                One other option to make it easier to read your clips is to rename them all.  This can be done with a simple program called ReNamer (http://www.den4b.com/downloads.php )  You can just serialize all your files with numbers starting at 001 or what ever you like.  It will just add it to the front of the actual file name so you do not loose that.  I do this sometimes with pics that someone gives me that they want in random order (renamer will do random numbers too).  I just add the number to the front and then add a underscore between the serial number and the actual file name.  Just as a quick walk through if you download that program, this is how I would rename your files to make it easier to see quickly which ones were shot in what order.


                Open ReNamer

                Drag all the files you want to rename into the "Drag your files here" section

                Click where it says "Click here to add rule"

                Click on "Serialize"

                Click on "Incremental", "Index starts at 1", "Step 1", check "Pad with zeros to reach length" and change that length to "3", under "Insert Where" make sure that "Prefix" is selected.

                Click "Save Rule"


                Then to add the underscore between the number and the file name:

                click on the "Add" button

                Click "Insert"

                where it says "What" add your underscore "_"

                where is says "Where" click on "Position" and change the number to "4".


                Where you added your files that you want to rename you can see what there name currently is and what it will be changed to.  If you like the way it looks just click on "Rename" and in a couple of seconds it is done.


                It would change names like

                051420100830 and 051420100900


                001_051420100830 and 002_051420100900


                Hope this helps in some way.



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                  jeremy d. Level 3

                  There's something else you can try -- select the media, and do Automate to Timeline. You can tell it not to add transitions and not to overlap, and there are options to overlay the clips in the sort order or the selection order. Try selecting the clips in the order you want them.


                  If there is something else in the bin that you don't want, like a sequence, you may have to Select All, deselect what you don't want, and then Automate.

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                    jeremy d. Level 3

                    ...or you could try using the keyboard commands rather than dragging the clips.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      Windows has had for many years/versions, a quirk (my way of thinking) that when you Select and drag multiple files, it will first bring in the last file, and then the other files, pretty much in order. In general terms, this is less of a problem with, say Project Panel, as one can Order the Assets as desired, prior to dragging to the Timeline. Now, it really makes me mad, when Photoshop Opens the last, and then the rest in the order Selected. Not sure what MS's thinking is on this and hope that Win7 changes it so that if one Selects 001, through 099, they Open n the order Selected, and not the odd behavior.


                      Good luck,



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                        rmoz Level 1

                        Thanks all that was a useful lesson.


                        pelbalsamo and Jeremy d. were spot on. I did a little more playing around. It seems the bin does remember the order the order of import and no matter how you sort it in the bin, if you drag the whole bin it revert back to the orginal state. But dragging the contents of the bin AFTER it's sorted keeps the order (you just have to sure you get everything). The Automate to Sequence I didn't even know about and that really makes things easy and has solved my current issue.


                        The bit about renaming the files with sequence number prefixes is a great idea! Windows still imports them first-last but it's really easy to see the sequence in the timeline plus you get to keep the time stamp which I wanted to keep since it lets me know which clips line up with still shots and journal notes.


                        So I'm going to use both of these in the future and I think it will get rid of a lot of frustration - Thanks!

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                          pebalsamo Level 2



                          The bit about renaming the files with sequence number prefixes is a great idea! Windows still imports them first-last but it's really easy to see the sequence in the timeline plus you get to keep the time stamp which I wanted to keep since it lets me know which clips line up with still shots and journal notes.


                          That is what I like about it too.  When file names get out of control this is a nice and easy thing to use.  It can give you a dang headache trying to look at all those numbers in a file name like that, but like you said the info is nice to have when you need it.  I downloaded that on the suggestion from someone else on the board for a project where someone had several hundred pics that they did not want in order and I did not want to take the time to click here and there just to get them random.  I thought that was going to be the only time I used it, but I have used it several times since then.  It is a very nice little tool.