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    ASDoc question

    mari8899 Level 1

      I'm placing mouse cursor over any MXML tags and properties but it always showing code hints for ActionScript code.


      For example: <s:Path id="arrow" right="4" verticalCenter= ....

      I place now cursor over verticalCenter to get an explanation about this, and what I get is AS code in help document...

      Do that with any property under MXML tags and you will see it always shows AS code and help for that and not MXML tags help...


      Do I need to turn something ON for mxml help or ASDocs just don't work with MXML ?

      any MXML help or there is only these ASDocs for AS ?


      EDIT: on Adobe's website it says ASDocs should show MXML help also, but obviously in practice this doesn't work at all, it only functions as for AS code.

      Anyone to comment this bug ?