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    Still no chm for Flex API?

    Ansury Level 3

      Can't we finally get the API in this format?  I mean an officially created version from Adobe.  There are .chm files for the Java API around and they're quite useful.


      PDF doesn't cut it.  We need something fast (chm is extremely fast) and searchable showing multiple results for a search.  (So no, pdf viewer "text search" doesn't cut it at all.)  If we're not going to get the API docs fully integrated into Flash Builder with full details, it shouldn't take a Google search to find detailed documentation on a component in the livedocs.  (Anyway an Internet connection isn't always available.)  Downloaded HTML doesn't cut it either, obviously.


      Something like this:



      (see screenshots)



      The terrible practice of "coding by Google" should not be the norm, but the exception.  Perhaps fewer basic questions would be asked here if people had a better way of checking the API documentation first, before the "blogs" and before the forums.

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          I absolutely agree, it shouldn't take several hours to find examples or information to the most simple things.


          As i've only been using flex for about a month, but have extensive experience with other ide's, i had hoped, that the built-in help functionality was similar, but i feel misguided instead of helped.


          I can only hope that the Flex-team, have plans to update the hellp functionality.