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    Microphone activity level




      I have to display the activity level of the microphone (sound being detected by microphone) in a flex project. I started with using a progress bar and attached a ChangeWatcher to microphone.activityLevel but found out that ChangeWatcher cannot watch "activityLevel".


      How should I go about it because progress bar also does not seem to be a right component as multi colored display is required. I cannot monitor changes in the sound level of the microphone. Any help would be appreciated. Please check the attached image.



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          gauravontop Level 1

          Since no one ever responded I will answer this as to how I eventually did it. I used an image and the microphone's activityLevel attribute to show the the real time sound input to the microphone. Since this activityLevel is not bindable I had to use a timer.

          Also do remember to get a valid value of activityLevel apart from  calling

          microphone = Microphone.getMicrophone();

          also use



          Otherwise the activityLevel value is -1  The second point is not mentioned in flex docs