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    Error Connecting to ColdFusion Data Service


      I'm completely new to ColdFusion and Flash Builder (I've done some work with Flex 2 a while back) so forgive me if my terminology is not the best.


      I have installed ColdFusion 9 locally and have Flash Builder 4 installed with Coldfusion Builder as a plug-in. Eeverything seems to be up and running correctly. I have several CFC files which I am trying to connect to as a data service however each one is returning the following error...


      "The CFC file is invalid. Possible causes can be found by accessing:http//localhost:8500/.../CFIDE/componentutils/cgcexplorer.cfc?method=getCFCMeta Data&name=cfcfile&path=/..."


      One of the CFC files I copied direct from here just as a test http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Flex/4.0/FlexTutorials/WSbde04e3d3e6474c44e9f0a921210cbd7a14-8 000.html


      So I am assuming it's not an issue with the CFC file but a possible serve configuration error?


      Any help would be much appreciated,