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    Premiere Pro CS5 vs Premiere Elements 8

    Steve C2 Level 2

      Another forum member had asked me to share my experiences in the event that I ever made the switch to Premiere Pro.


      I have made the switch this week based on a quick test (and unscientific) of the trial CS5 product.  Previously, I was not convinced of the need for making the switch, based on the CS4 and CS3 trial products.


      I feel that I can save a significant amount of time with PrPro CS5.  The clincher for me was a simple test.  Simple work with combining several mpeg-4 files (yes, I know, PE prefers AVI) and burning one video from them took under 1 hr with PrPro and around 2.5 hours with PE.  Beyond that, though, I found several things to my liking.  Among them:


      - the PrPro preview window is clearer (I think) and color correction options are better (behond a doubt). I have not gone back to PE8 to do a comparison on the following, but I suspect that the PE8 preview window suffers more from aliasing effects.

      - PrPro also seems to be more stable, even though I have not updated anything other than the help system.


      One thing that, if one wants an easy solution, works in PE8's favor...Audio and video fade-in and fade-out is more intuitive in PE8.  Just right-click on the clip and choose the effect.  In PrPro, it's less intuitive.  There might be easier ways, but I faded the video in and out with animation points and controlling the opacity settings.  As for fading audio out, I created animation points and dragged the sound level to "0".  In PrPro, however, one has more control over the degree and duration of fade-in and fade-out.


      I wish that rendering were faster (I am working with fairly large files - around 1-1.5 hrs of footage), but I suspect that it is still better than in PE8.


      My PC does not come close to having the fastest components that are currently available and I do not have a CUDA-based card, which presumably will reduce rendering times.  To minimize my total time, I will, where possible, apply video effects towards the end of my workflow.


      cpu - Intel Core 2 Duo E6750

      ATI Radeon HD4850

      8GB DDR2/1066 RAM

      Windows 7/64



      Hope this helps.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Easy way to set default transitions is to set the cursor over the cut (PGUP/PGDOWN), select track and hit Ctrl+D for video and Ctrl+Shift+D for audio.

          Hope that helps.

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            Steve C2 Level 2

            Hi Ann,


            Thanks for the suggestion.


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              Hello, I just recenetly purchased a MacBook Pro for video editing.  Needless to say, I was not impressed with iMovie or Final Cut Express.  iMove doesn't have the ability to do what I need to do, and Final Cut Express is about as user friendly as a brain surgery manual.  Well, I noticed that Premiere Pro is available for Mac.  I saw your post and figured that you might be able to answer a few questions for me concerning Pro and Elements.


              The main issue I had with FCE was the rendering thing.  In Elements, there's no such thing.  I noticed you commented on the slowness of rendering in Pro.  So, does Pro have the rendering thing like FCE?  Also, are the user interfaces for Elements and Pro similar?  I appreciate any help you may offer...




              MacBook Pro 15"

              Core i7 processor @ 2.66 GHz

              8GB RAM

              500 GB, 7200 RPM HDD

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                akribie Level 2

                You'll find that the audio fade transitions give a very easy way to fade audio in/out at the ends of clips.


                Create a favorites effects folder for easy access to the transitions and effects you use most often.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  The only part that I can address, having always been on the PC, so I do not know FCE, or FCP, is that the GUI between Premiere Elements (since version 3) and PrPro are totally different. PrElements is much more of a "bug-button" program, where much is "under the hood." PrPro is much easier for me to use, as I can see everything in front of me.


                  PrE has little "quirks," like always wanting to place Assets on Video Track 1 and Audio Track 2, and the user has to manually relocate them later. Also, the Audio & Video Tracks are grouped, unlike the all Video and all Audio layout of PrPro.


                  Just Sequences alone would be a deal-breaker in PrE, as it has none.


                  That is just the tip of the iceberg, but would be highly important to me.


                  Others can probably help you with comparisons between the Mac programs, and PrPro. Note: there is no PrElements for the Mac.


                  Good luck,



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                    I am on the verge of upgrading to the Pro version simply to take advatage of a greater amount of RAM (I have 18GB, and Elements doesn't utilize it all).  One simplistitc question I have - does the Pro version have more menu choices than Elements?  I'm tired of the same old choices.


                    ....oh, and I suppose for the most part PRO and Elements works pretty much the same...?

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                      shooternz Level 6

                      Sorry ...slightly off - topic



                      Does Premiere Elements 8 manage AVCHD? ( assuming competent hardware)

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                        ckelly33 Level 1

                        Yes.  I just finished several projects using AVCHD to Blu Ray and DVD.

                        Works good.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          By "menu choices," I will assume that you mean DVD/BD Menus. Is that correct? If so, the answer is yes, but they are in Encore (bundled authoring program, that comes with PrPro). If you want unlimited control and artistic license with regard to Menus, you will want to explore Photoshop too, as your choices of Menus will then be limited ONLY by your imagination. Also, though they bear similarities, the Menus in Encore (whether the Functional Content, or from your own creation) are very different from the Menu Sets in PrE. You will need to d a bit more by hand, but that extra work pays dividends with extreme power and flexibility.


                          When you get around to using Encore, there is a great forum, the Encore Forum, that would be the ideal place to post any questions on using that program.


                          You will see some of the same faces, but a few new ones also.


                          Buckle up your seatbelt, get ready for a wonderful ride into real DVD authoring, and enjoy,



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                            PrE actually got full AVCHD support one version (PrE is on a general 12 mos. schedule, while PrPro is basically on an 18 mos. cycle) before PrPro. Also, with its slightly smaller foot-print, could well be allowing some users to work with AVCHD, where PrPro might not run on their machines with that footage.


                            Though you did not ask, here's another little history lesson - PrE added Import of 100% fully DVD-compliant VOB's, ahead of PrPro, which did not implement it until CS4.2, IIRC.


                            One caveat for you: having observed many aspects of your workflow, you would go crazy with PrE 8. I find that actually editing in PrE 4 to be far less fun, but do use it as an intermediate tool in some workflows.



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                              shooternz Level 6

                              Thanx Bill.


                              I am buying the Elements package to give to a client who has an AVCHD camera ( home movie stuff).


                              I didnt want to give him something that wouldnt work.




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                                the_wine_snob Level 9



                                PrE 8 has added some "features," that Adobe must have thought were good things, at the time. However, like Still Frame Export in CS4.0, just do not function without issues. Things like AutoAnalyze, etc., should be turned off. The suite of PrE and PSE will be great. I would also suggest that you add in a copy of Steve Grisetti's book, The Muvipix Guide to PrE 8 & PSE 8.


                                I just gave the PrE 8 version to a good friend, and included the other book, just on PrE 8, as there is no manual, and the Help files are weak, IMHO.


                                Your client will love you for thinking of adding that book.


                                Good luck,



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                                  ckelly33 Level 1

                                  That's exactly what I meant by menus, thx Bill.


                                  I'm ashamed to say that while on occasion I enjoy making something like this 'from scratch', with three kids becoming more active, I find this harder to find time to do (since it is a hobby).  What I'm more interested in due to time constraints is the "just add video" type.  I really like the auto-linking that PRE7/8 does and would prefer to keep it more automatic (but with the option of digging in if I choose to).


                                  Will I find more pre-made menu choices in CS5 at all?

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                                    shooternz Level 6
                                    Your client will love you for thinking of adding that book.



                                    No way!


                                    I dont want him to get too clever or discover how easy it is to edit......and do myself out of work!

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                                      joema3 Level 1

                                      I went from PE8 to Premiere Pro CS5 5.01. On my 3.8Ghz hyperthreaded quad-core i7-860 with 8GB ram, it took PE8 45 sec to transcode a 15 sec. clip from 1080i AVCHD to DV AVI. On the same machine it took CS5 7 sec for the same transcode operation -- about 6x faster.


                                      That's without any GPU acceleration on Premiere Pro CS5. With GPU acceleration enabled, encoding isn't any faster but effects (e.g, blur, color correction, etc) are much faster.


                                      Playback of 1080i/30 AVCHD is very slow and jerky on my machine in PE8, but the same file played in Premiere Pro CS5 is fluid and fast. In fact the same file plays faster in Premiere Pro CS5 on my friend's Toshiba M305 laptop (2Ghz dual-core and 4GB RAM) than in PE8 on my powerful desktop.

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Yes you will, and those will be a bit more oriented to business/commercial, though there are some "family event" Menus, still in Encore.


                                        While the "big-button" authoring will seem a bit labor intensive at first, in a few Projects, you will love the control and flexibility. I am a complete control freak, so I hate PrE's auto authoring (felt the same way about the old PrPro authoring too!), but love Encore.


                                        One thing to think about - if you like some of the PrE Menu Sets, I can step you through the process of converting those (and cleaning them up a bit) for use in Encore. Those steps would best be covered in the Encore Forum. I have some sources, that I can share, for more PrE Functional Content, and those Menu Sets can be easily modified to work fine in Encore.


                                        Good luck, and be sure to clear your mind, towards Encore. Little is automatic, but it is all intuitive, at least to me. One rec. that I can make (hope I have not already mentioned it here - if so, just ignore), and that is Jeff Bellune's great book, The Focal Easy Guide to Adobe EncoreDVD 2.0, Focal Press. Though written for an earlier version, 100% of that book will apply to Encore, through CS5. He takes one through the full process of doing a Project, and also offers some great little tricks and tons of useful tips. Just the best book that I have ever seen for Encore.





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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                                          Trust me here. If he got PrE and PSE, you are still light years ahead, so nothing to worry about.


                                          Back decades ago, the Canon AE1 came out. It was the first fully automated 35mm SLR, and every art director's Uncle Louie got one. For a moment, they got their Uncle Louie to shoot for them. It did not take long for them to come back to me. Fast forward to the advent of easy digital capture. Again, all the Uncle Louies bought digital cameras. My business dropped a bit, though my PS business picked up 100x! In short order, they all came back for their ad work. OK, except for high-end compositing work, the PS side of things did fall off, as there was much less to try and correct, but the shooting picked back up.


                                          It'll be the same for this client. First month, they'll assume that Craig is out of the loop, and think that they will save a ton of $ (what's the monetary symbol in NZ?), but really soon, they will understand that besides the tools, there is both art and technique. Remember when desktop publishing first hit, and soon every secretary was a graphic artist? I sure do.


                                          In my case, this was not given to a client, but to my wife's Medical Executive Board Director, so I did not have to worry about loosing a client.