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    Compile multiple mxml file at same time



      i am working in flex with java.

      i am using more one flex file in my flex project.

      when i execute the project the ant compiled .mxml file only executed.

      the other .mxml files are not executed.

      i have use the destination id  same of two mxml files.


      the ant target is


      <target name="appcompile" depends="install">
        <mxmlc file="${flexsrc.home}/UserRegistration.mxml" context-root="/Reg" keep-generated-actionscript="true" services="${web.home}/WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml" output="${catalina.home}/webapps/${app.name}/UserRegistration.swf">
         <compiler.library-path dir="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks" append="true">
          <include name="${web.home}/WEB-INF/lib/" />
          <include name="${flexsrc.home}/example/" />
         <load-config filename="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks/flex-config.xml" />
         <source-path path-element="${FLEX_HOME}/frameworks" />




      <target name="createHtmlWrapper" depends="appcompile">
        <html-wrapper application="${APP_ROOT}/UserRegistration.mxml" height="1000" width="1000"  output="${catalina.home}/webapps/${app.name}" swf="UserRegistration" />



      the destination id is camp;


      the error is


      MessagingError message='Destination 'camp' either does not exist or the destination has no channels defined (and the application does not define any default channels.)']

      anyone can help me