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    insufficient data for image (9-9.3) or a blank page (8.1)



      We recently started using a Xerox workcenter 5675 to scan document to my central server. About 3 days ago users started reporting an error message with a white page. I immediately checked the copier, nothing changed setting wise. It has been fully restarted, and other software like Sumatra PDF, and Apple's Preview applications open the PDFs just fine.


      In any version of 9 the error "insufficient data for image" pops up. In 8.1 it just shows a blank page.


      I would like to troubleshoot this issue, as we need to use the features of creating PDFs.


      Is there a way I can view the code of the PDF and post it or even submit it to a site or software to identify any bad code, so that then I know it is the copier? Is there a way to reduce the strict rules reader follows?


      Anyone have any ideas or clues as to what the issue might be, for the PDFs to be fine one day and not the next? I can easily provide a few PDFs made days apaprt for review.