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    How to use Premiere Pro for live shoots (newbie needing some answers)

    whsstudent Level 1

      My school is about to delve into the world of live streaming.  We have a homemade Tricaster setup of sorts which allows for us to use three camcorders through as switcher which allows for some nice streaming capabilities.


      My question is, how do I use Premiere Pro, or something else, to run live titles/graphics, etc. into the production?  You know, things like lower thirds, etc.?


      Is this as simple as running another computer into a source on the switcher?  If so, how do I get the graphics etc. to appear as simple key pages?


      Sorry, I've never used Adobe during a live shoot before.


      I'd love for someone in the know to explain the workflow here.  Thank you so much!


      I'd also be interested in knowing best practices for running b-roll into the switcher.  PP again?  Same computer as the graphics or a seperate one?