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    E-shot question - really need your help!

    Rhys TW

      Sorry if I've asked this in the wrong forum but I guess it is still a web design question?!?!


      Right here goes, hope I can explain my problem; I work for a marketing company in the UK as a graphic designer. I specialise in print so haven't got the technical knowledge to produce web sites/e-shots etc, but a client has come to us wanting to send an email out to their customers containing a voucher, for the customer to print out and take to a dealer to partake in the offer [the client is an automotive company].


      Here's how it will work; a customer will log on to the manufacturers website and fill in an on-line form [name, address, email etc]. This will then prompt an email to be sent to the manufacturer letting them know someone is interested in a vehicle and has requested the 'voucher'. They will then send this voucher [an as email] to the customer for them to print out and take to their nearest dealer to claim.


      Our involvement in this is to produce the voucher, as an e-shot, this will then be sent to our client [the manufacturer] for them to add the persons name to the artwork/e-shot and send out themselves. The on-line form to be filled out by the customer in the first place is being handled elsewhere, so we don't have to worry about this.


      As I mentioned, we don't have web designers here so I've mocked up a layout [keeping it quite simple because of the limitations of the Internet etc] and we've out-sourced it to a separate company to 'build' my design. The problem is, the email voucher just doesn't seem to work - it'll looks as it should on screen when emailed to our Outlook accounts, and when I print it using my desk-top printer it's a pretty good match to the on-screen visual. The issues arise when we forward it to our client to proof; big gaps appear in the artwork out of nowhere; the body copy will justify itself to the centre; when printed it'll miss the background colour or the images will disappear. When I email the e-shot to my Google account I get the same results with the copy justifying to the centre and spacing/gaps increasing in size!


      My first question to you guys is; supplying the voucher to the customers in this way, as an e-shot [and by e-shot I mean similar to the kind of things I receive daily from the likes of iTunes, Amazon etc], is this the correct thing to do or is the request of our client, for the customer to be able to print the artwork exactly as it appears on screen an impossible task due to the unavoidable problems mentioned above [because people use different email accounts with different preferences etc]? I figure companies must email customers e-shots that are meant to be printed, not just to view on-screen, surely...or am I wrong?


      Obviously I'm no expert, but should the right way of doing this be to have an email which possesses a link to a web page, containing the voucher artwork. Will the final printout by the customer be more controllable this way?


      Any help will be great guys, hopefully my post makes some kind of sense