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    Netbooks in the field

    pmasters8941 Level 1

      Now, many of us realize how low powered many netbooks are in the field for video editing but I have finally found a great use in the field for my netbook. Since I use AVCCAM (HMC40), the moment my card is filled, I copy footage over the netbook for reviewing and as a backup device. The benefits is I get longer battery on my netbook as opposed to my laptop and the netbook is much smaller and cheaper to lug around on location. Not to mention, I can load up my focus charts to help assist with setting up my shots.


      The netbook saved my butt. One of my SDHC cards was accidentally used twice on the same shoot and because I backed up my original content on the netbook, I did not lose the footage because my boneheaded mistake.


      Just wanted to share my experience with others who thought using netbooks were only good for surfing but for use in production.