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    multiple states




      Excuse me if this has been up to discussion before but I couldn't find any thread about it.


      I'm building a "kind of listcomponent" that uses a custom item renderer. (My own itemrenderer is built on skinnablecomponent)


      But my problem is that the my itemrenderer can have multiple states at the same time.



      * hovered

      * down

      * up



      * normal

      * toSmall

      * outsideLeft

      * outsideRight



        * selected

        * normal



      * expanded

      * notexpanded


      Somehow this get ridiculous when I should try to translate it to skinstates,

      it results in 3x4x2x2 = 48 different skinstates!!!!


      Of course the skin itself can be handled with help of stateGroups but it still quite ugly. I read something about overlays in


      but haven't seen anything more about them?


      Any suggestions?