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    Best settings for high quality stills slideshow?


      I'm using Premiere Elements 7.0 to create a slideshow for my wedding.

      I'm using pictures taken with a 18MP Canon T2i that are very crisp.  When I export the movie, I lose more quality than I would like to.

      What settings should I set in Premiere to obtain the highest quality images in the slideshow? I'm currently using whatever the default setting are because I'm not sure which ones to change.



      Also, Premiere won't accept the jpg's right from my camera.  I get a "File dimensions to large" message when I try to import them.  I shrink them down in Photoshop CS4 using Image>Resize, and then they will import.  Is there an easier way to do this or a specific size that I should be shrinking them to?


      Thanks in advance for any advice. The wedding planning is hectic enough without trying to learn this stuff right now.