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    Please Take One Step Back

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      While I realize that there is cost involved   please consider restoring Picture Package and Contact Sheet to being self-contained within Photoshop.  No, Bridge is NOT a substitute for both and I don't use Lightroom because it makes no sense to me to have two programs to do the same thing... or to move from one to the other all the time.   You spent $223,000 on a one page ad in the Wall Street Journal to answer Apple.... Please spend a fraction of that to make those two plugins 64-bit and contained within CS6.....   thanks for listening.

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          I agree.  Take another step back.  It's like going backward for me now  I use that web photo album function, contact sheetII and picture package all the time.  Now you make my work flow more complicated.  Now I have to keep the CS4 on my (old) computer to access those features. 


          Thumbs down for CS5.