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    Premiere Pro CS5 and After Effects CS5 crash after splash screen


      Im am fed up with this ive done everything i can and no one seems to know whats wrong, i installed CS5 on my macbook and imac i7, and they both worked for a while but then suddenly my imac i7 cs5 stopped working and kept crashing, my macbook continues to work just fine, ive even done a system reinstally and reinstalled os x and yes it would work for a little and then stop, they both have the same programs, whats weird is when i create a new user with admin privileges on my imac it would work fine but i deleted some files in the main account trying to fix the problem and no it wont work in the second account so here i am doing a system reinstally one last time. i called adobe they were no help at all literally, i called apple they did as much as they could i mean apple really made me feel like they tried, so here i am can anyone help?