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    ADT error : SHA-256 digest algorithm not available


      Hello everyone!


      I'm trying to do a real test with my Adobe air projet (wich is working fine on ADL), but when i'm trying to compile it with ADT, I get this error, whatever I write..


      Exeption in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: SHA-256 digest algorithm not available

                               at com.adobe.air.AIROutputStream.<init><AIROutputStream.java:37>

                               at come.adobe.air.AIRPackager.newUCFOutputStream<AIRPackager.java:383>

                               at come.adobe.ucf.Packager.<init><Packager.java:30>

                               at com.adobe.air.ADT.main<ADT.java:37>


      How can I fix this bug?