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    Akamai status?

    ddsdca Level 1

      So, like so many others here I would like to know the status of Adobe's abysmal impelementation of the Akamai manager.  It has now been several days since my purchase of CS5 and Photoshop CS5, but as yet I am STILL unable to force the download manager to activate correctly.  I have tried IE, Firefox, reviewed the so-called "help" pages at Adobe (laughable), reinstalled browsers, cleaned up the system, etc, etc.  By some strange accident the manager ran ONCE so I was able to begin downloading one component of the CS5 suite (download time is 1+ days... impressive) but the success of that effort remains in question. This isn't rocket science, and Adobe's continued use of this pathetic means of distribution speaks volumes about their customer care.


      At this point I am considering making contact with my ccard company and initiating the process of recovering my expenses and going to another product. I don't have the endless hours required to sit on the phone with support regarding how to receive a product for which I've already paid (been there before with Adobe).  Adobe expects payment immediately, why should I not expect delivery of the goods I've purchased in the same prompt manner?  ATM I'm out $3000 plus lost billing chasing this issue.


      Of course, my post is mainly rhetorical since I see via the forums that this issue has been present for months and I don't really expect a satisfactory answer.  It's clear from reading these posts that Adobe's interest in addressing customer issues declines sharply after purchase transactions have completed (see the detailed "help" being given in the trial download forums).


      To the Adobe employees who ARE trying to help via these forums:  is there a definitive answer  available regarding what actions Adobe is taking to rectify this  problem?  Is it possible or so difficult to simply provide direct  download links to the software I now own?  Is it possible for me to order the box version of my purchase to cut my losses (the cynic in me leans towards this being the intent all along)?