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    Connecting to the database

    Gene Godsey

      I am getting this error:



      Unable to Invoke CFC - Error Executing Database
      [Macromedia]{SQLServer JDBC Driver]{SQLServer]Invalid object name 'Contact'



      What does this mean. Do I need to instal a driver on my virtual server.

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          cheftimo Level 2

          Can’t tell unless you give more info:


          What version of CF are you using?


          Show the CFC code and we can take a look.

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            Gene Godsey Level 1

            ColdFusion 9

            This is the code generator inj Flex.....It says I am having issues with the KDBC drivers or lack of them to MS-SQL 2008.

            There error is pretty self explanitory. I will assume that I need to download the jdbc drivers for the MS-SQL database..   Not completely sure.

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              cheftimo Level 2

              The error you show in your original post is an error generated by the JDBC driver; it does not say anything about an outdated or missing driver; it does say there is an invalid object name (that’d probably in you Flex code). Since ColdFusion 9 is more recent than MSSQL 2008, I would assume CF 9 has the right drivers – but since I am still using CF 8 and MSSQL 2005, I can’t be sure.


              I see error messages similar to yours once in a while and they always turn out to be a typo in my Flex code.

              Have you tested your CFC in a CFM page?


              If you still have problems after you update your drivers, post the relevant CFC and Flex codes and I will be glad to take a look.



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                Gene Godsey Level 1

                Well I did the unthinkable --- I went to Microsoft's website   LOL.


                I downloaded the JDBC drivers for SQL 2008 enterprise server. Now the one thing I need to know is where in the Flashbuilder IDE to I do the SQL JDBC driver mappings? My IDE needs to point to the JDBC drivers.


                Thanks in advance.