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    Premiere Elements 7 - sharing a WMV ScreenCam output has different rendering than other formats


      I have captured a screen session in WMV format and brought it into Premiere Elements 7.

      I add stills and effects to the transitions and then share it.  If I share it as a WMV file, the  ScreenCam piece of it remains the same size the size of the screen I captured.  That is, the ScreenCam piece fills the whole video box.   If I save it as any other format (e.g. Flash or Quicktime), the ScreenCam piece of the video becomes much smaller and is bordered by black letterboxing both vertically and horizontall.


      Here are the details:


      Capture Software:   MS Expression Web 3 Screen Capture

      Window captured size:  646x696

      Encoded as WMV by MS Expression Web 3 Encoder


      Premier Elements Project settings:  HD1080i

      Shared with custom settings with a 646x696 resolution.



      Is there any way I can get Flash and Quicktime output without shrinking and letterboxing the ScreenCam piece?

      Why is the WMV format ouput treated so differently than the other output formats?