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    Wacom Intuos4 keys bug on AE CS4/5 on Win7 64bit


      After a lot of futzing, I still can't get the ExpressKeys and the Touch Wheel to operate as a jog - it turns out that any key that is replicated as a Num-Lock key on the keypad fails to work properly in AE. For example, the Wacom control panel sends {page down} as {keypad-3}, whether you have Num-Lock on or not, but only in AE. I tried older Wacom drivers as well. I checked with Wacom support, and they were able to recreate it and said it's a problem with After Effects on Win-64 bit, both CS4 and beta CS5, so they aren't going to fix it and instead "passed the information to Adobe". Basically it probably won't get fixed until CS6, if even then...


      So my recommendation is, if you're running 64-bit, avoid the Intuos4 if you really want to use the ExpressKeys or Touch Wheel as a jog.You can probably save money getting an Intuos3 instead.

      However, if anyone has been able to get it to work, please post or let Wacom know!





      HP Pavilion 4core i7

      9GB RAM

      Windows 7 64-bit v. 6.1.7600

      Wacom Intuos4 PTK-640, driver 6.1.5-3