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    Flash CS3 ---NEWBIE Question!


      So I am building a simple flash project that uses several embedded .flv's I generated from After Effects We had some considerable "lag" which is odd since this is not a project that will ever be seen on the net, it is more of a standalone kiosk. A large .swf dosen't matter here and the final .swf file is roughly 22 meg.


      So everyone says "preloader" which I question since none of the movies are longer than 3 seconds at 30 frames a sec (1280x720) but I did it anyhow...and now I have the embedded .flvs in the preloader and have it working...sort of....as the movies pre-load I get to hear all of the sound that is embedded in the movies as well, yuck!


      So questions;


      Does a pre-loader make any sense with embedded .flv's?

      Is there a way to mute the sounds only in the pre-loader and if so how?

      Why do 7 short .flv's embedded in a swf cause such a lag, even in testing on my Dual 3.6 Quad core with 12 gig Ram and a 1.5 gig video card?


      BTW upgrading CS3 is out of the question