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    Just started today-immediate need is to take external swf, add invisible button overlay,click to URL

    stevenmac2010 Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      Let me provide a little background information to the need that I am trying to close on as I am attempting to get this incorporated into my website. It came with the recommendation to try the CS5 today to see if this will meet the requirement at the moment.


      Here is what I am trying to do:


      There is a desire to take custom SWF files (I think there is something called Swish files too?) from various sponsors for advertisement purposes and place them on my website.  The implementation was straight-forward to make them work through the webserver.


      I tried a custom example of making a button that upon mouse click would open up a new webpage in CS5 which did work for me.


      My problem is since the SWF files are finalized, there is no way to put URL information into those files.  After doing a lot of searching around today, it appears that the best way to redirect a user upon click of a video is to:


      1) Open up a new Flash

      2) Import the SWF video file into the project

      3) Create a Invisible Button over top the SWF video so when the user clicks, they are redirected to a specific URL.


      But for some reason, when I tried to overlay it with a sample SWF file I imported, there was all this flickering going on to where both were made transparent to one another on the screen - not to mention the video wasn't even visible at all.  My hope was that the SWF video could be seen clearly while the button remained invisbile to handle the click on the video.


      Is there someone on the forum that is able to guide me fairly quickly with a fast-path procedure so that I can try this?  If this will work for me, then I want to get the full product and begin doing a deep dive into what seems to be a very awsome tool.


      Thank you for your assistance and help.  I appreciate it greatly...