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    Extreme Newbie Needs Help


      Please Help if possible... I'm an extreme newbie, and have no knowledge of how XMP scripting for photoshop works at all.

      But I do need help in figuring out how erase my photoshop History under the Advanced tab, which is under File Info.


      I do not have any understanding of the language or how to even manipulate it. But have found out enough that it can be done,

      and with XMP-Toolkit-SDK-5.1.2

      For which I have downloaded onto my Intel Mac 2ghz Intel Core Duo with 1.5mb 667mhz

      I am running CS2 photoshop with Mac Os X 10.4.11


      I'm hoping that someone can write one for me, or show me how it is done.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          xbytor2 Level 4

          You can't do this from Photoshop in CS2. You will have to do this with a Bridge script using its metadata interface.

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            shortphotos Level 1

            Thanks Xbytor2, anyway you can help me with this? I do have Adobe Bridge also,

            I just have no idea how to do this. The reason I'm doing this I'm a Istockphotograhy contributor, and

            when I upload photos to their site, if the file has been manipulated, they reject the photo.

            I like to fix and make the photo better in photoshop, so it's frustrating when I make the photo better and

            they reject it based on my photoshop skills.


            Again, I'm an extreme newbie to this language world, so if you could take the time to help

            it would be greatly appreciated.


            Thanks again...

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              xbytor2 Level 4

              It's actually probably easier to do this with exiftool (google is your friend). It's a command line program that lets you maniuplate a file's metadata without a lot of programming. In your case, you just need to delete  a chunk of metadata. I'll try and trackdown the correct options if they are not obvious from using the tool.