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    .dxf exporting: "True Arc and Line" for CAD?

    AZmadn Level 1

      Hello all,


        I have a very complex vector drawing that I am trying to export as a .dxf file so that a company can use their laser machine.  Today I've run into a bit of a snag as the good people over there at the laser cutting company have told me that my exported .dxf file comes out as a series of splines, where they need the format to be in "True line and Arc" format.  I've been using illustrator for 10+ years, and am experienced with 3D Studio Max, but I have no knowledge whatsoever with CAD.  Is there an easy solution to this problem?  Maybe a way to convert the splines in illustrator to arcs, or an add-on I can get that will help me export these lines in the proper format?


      thanks in advance for your help.