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    Hyperlinking Issue (swf lacks links?)


      Okay, I have yet another issue with a project I've been dealing with-


      I need certain lines of  text to be hyperlinks. I have two instances in which there is an e-mail link and a URL link which are part of a larger block of text, and one instance with just the URL alone. So far I used the method where I used the Properties window to make the box static  text and the text fields I require have been made into links, as well as  making other instance dynamic text.
      Problem is the HTML version of the  file works all right but the swf version doesn't hyperlink properly.  I'm thinking maybe I need to officially add some code to those specific frames, but I'm a little confused as to what the proper code needs to be. Again, the file's script is ActionScript 1.0, and I'm working in Flash CS4. Any help is appreciated muchly. Let me know if I need to elaborate further.