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    CF/Flex Wizard - MySQL Time

      I was trying the CF/Flex Application wizard and created an admin app for my calendar database. In my calevent table I have a starttime and endtime which are the datatype "Time". Flex 2 uses the Date datatype for these fields. Whenever I try updating or adding a record the time fields aren't inserted even when I put in the textfield the correct format: HH:MM:SS.

      I solved this by changing the code to treat starttime and endtime as strings. Is there a correct solution to this problem?

      As an experiment, I created another table with "start" and "end" fields. I made each a DateTime. I then ran the wizard on that table and Flex tried using a DateField to edit the start and end columns, making insertion of a time impossible. I suppose that I could've specified a TextField for those columns, but I'd rather use the Date components.

      I ran into this same problem with Flash 8 and had to treat my starttime and endtime columns as strings.

      It seems that other people would have the same problem because there are many places a "time" field would be used. Also, why does Flex 2 not have a TimePicker component? Finally, does anyone have a clue as to what should be done about this?