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    Unsupported GPU for CS5, part 2

    Harm Millaard Level 7

      In part 1 all the necessary steps were outlined. Many were successful. I was not. Maybe someone has some suggestions.


      What happened:


      1. Installed a GTX-480 with the latest drivers 197.75

      2. Ran the 'Hack' instructions

      3. Steps 1 thru 4 no problem.

      4. Then step 5:


      Step  5. Go to your Nvidia Drivercontrol panel (im using the latest  197.45)  under "Manage 3D Settings", Click "Add" and browse to your  Premiere CS5  install directory and select the executable file: "Adobe  Premiere  Pro.exe"


      I selected "Adobe Premiere Pro.exe" in the CS5 directory, but:


      "Adobe Premiere Pro CS4" is already available and "Add" does not work. You can't remove the CS4 version.


      Does that imply that I first have to remove CS4 (deactivate, uninstall, reboot, reinstall CS4 programs from the MC that I want to keep and activate again) before adding CS5 in the driver control panel? Or is there another proven method or other suggestions?

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          shooternz Level 6

          This post would have to be a first.




          Hope you get it sorted Harm.

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            PaulieDC Level 2

            Yikes Harm, this may be premature at this early stage of the CS5 game, but that's what it sounds like to me... you need to clear the barn and start over probably.


            Post right away if you find a fix (duh, like you wouldn't!)




            PS: Interesting timing, Mr. UPS showed up today with my CS5 upgrade, hallelujah! I knew it was coming due to the posted delivery date on ups.com, so guess what I did last night to my i7 rig? Yep, deactivated CS4, backed up, wiped the Raptor, reinstalled 7 which I just got done, and tonight I do a fresh install of CS5. MPE is just a couple hours away...

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              Dailey Pike

              Hello Harm,


              This might be a long shot but short of starting fresh you might try "deupdating" to the 197.45 (instead of 197.75) and try it.


              Thought I'd pass this along as NVidia sometimes says an update is correct for a card when it's not.

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                SiliconPixel Level 1

                Hey Harm,


                When I did the change to get my GTX280 working, I couldn't remove CS4 or add CS5 in the nVidia control panel either.


                BUT - MPE worked all the same.


                Did you get it to work anyway without this step?



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  While CS4 was installed, I could not enable MPE. After removing CS4 it worked immediately and my PPBM results dropped to 14.8 seconds. The problem is that the nVidia driver has a way to find whether Adobe Premiere Pro.exe is installed and when it finds it, it will use it, but you cannot change it. Renaming Adobe Premiere Pro.exe from CS4 does not solve this, you have to uninstall it, and even then nVidia still calls it CS4 in the description, despite the fact that it clearly is CS5.


                  I have no explanation yet, but going from CS4 to CS5 without a (hacked) MPE card results in around double the AVI time, which again doubles when a (hacked) MPE card is installed.


                  If CS5 had given the same results on the AVI test as with CS4, my score would have been 10.8 seconds.

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                    SiliconPixel Level 1

                    Ah OK - that's a shame that the nvidia control panel and drivers do this.


                    I did have CS4 and CS5 installed on one machine - I was quite surprised I could install both to be honest but the machine I tried MPE on only had CS5. More liklely than just looking for the physical files - I bet it's looking for registry strings???

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                      Jeff Bellune Level 5

                      You shouldn' have to add Pr to the list. Just set your 3D Application  settings to "Let the application decide".  That worked for me. But then again, CS5 is by itself on a separate boot partition here.



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                        jabloomf1230 Level 1

                        A few of items.


                        1. The newer drivers don't appear to differentiate between the CS4 and CS5 settings because the .exe files have identical names. I would just assume for the time being (until nVidia catches the error) that it makes no difference. There is a separate freeware utility nHancer that allows you to stipulate the full path to the .exe file, thus allowing you to have different settings for files with the same name.
                        2. If you notice, none of the CS4 settings vary from the Global Settings anyway. This is because with the nVidia Control panel, some of the settings are hidden from the user. You can see and change the hidden settings with nHancer, but I wouldn't suggest changing them.
                        3. The reason for messing with the nVidia settings was to make the dual GPU GTX295 work properly. Changing that setting for single GPU video cards does nothing. You can ignore that step as it was to optimize the way that the two GPUs would communicate with two monitors.
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                          Kobi_Sargeant Level 1

                          I just successfully activated CUDA for a GTX275 I've just added to a system that has CS3, CS4 and CS5 all installed. Steps 1-4 were all that it took.  Although ... wondering what effect Step 6 would have had, if any?

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                            Harm Millaard Level 7

                            If anybody has a Quadro FX4800 or FX5800 installed, I would appreciate to receive a link to your




                            file for downloading, so I can try to figure out what the differences are in the setup between GTX and Quadro and what causes the GTX limitations.


                            Please PM me if you are willing to help. No promises I will be successful.

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                              jabloomf1230 Level 1

                              See if you have another file named nvwsapps.xml, either in the folder you listed or in

                              c:\windows\system32. That file contains the settings for the workstation applications and that's what the Quadro driver uses, but it's sometimes included in the GeForce driver install package. Here's the one for  GeForce197.45 WHQL, but unfortunately, it doesn't have any Adobe entries except Photoshop CS4. If you rename nvapps.xml to nvapps.old and nvwsapps.xml to nvapps.xml, the nVidia Control Panel will then be able to display and modify those settings. But unfortunately, until somebody with a Quadro responds, you are somewhat stuck.


                                  <INFO Number="1682306701"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="3D App - Default Global Settings" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="3D App - Game Development">
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits" Value="0x00001000" Default="0x00001000" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="3D App - Modeling AFR">
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000001" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="3D App - Visual Simulation">
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits" Value="0x80001000" Default="0x80001000" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_z_test" Value="0x00010000" Default="0x00010000" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="multichip_rendering_mode" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="3D OpenGL Stereo" OS_TYPE="Vista">
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_stereo_support" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000001" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="Abaqus CAE / Viewer">
                                          <APPLICATION Label="ABQcaeG.exe" Name="Abaqus CAE" OS_TYPE="Vista"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="ABQvwrG.exe" Name="Abaqus Viewer" OS_TYPE="Vista"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_overlay_support" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000001" Itemtype="predefined" OS_TYPE="XP"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="Adobe Photoshop CS4">
                                          <APPLICATION Label="Photoshop.exe"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="pixel_bender_toolkit.exe"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="sniffer_gpu.exe"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_multimon_buffer" Value="0x00000001" Default="0x00000001" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000422" Default="0x00000422" Itemtype="predefined" OS_TYPE="Vista"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000402" Default="0x00000402" Itemtype="predefined" OS_TYPE="XP"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_single_back_depth_buffer" Value="0x00000000" Default="0x00000000" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="Altair applications">
                                          <APPLICATION Label="HC10_wxp.exe" Name="Altair HyperCrash 10.0"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="HC90_wxp.exe" Name="Altair HyperCrash 9.0"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hmopengl.exe" Name="Altair HyperMesh"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hst.exe" Name="Altair HyperStudy"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hstdss.exe" Name="Altair HyperStudy DSS"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hvp.exe" Name="Altair HyperViewPlayer"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hw.exe" Name="Altair HyperWorks Desktop"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hx.exe" Name="Altair HyperXtrude"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hyperbeam.exe" Name="Altair HyperBeam"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="hypercrash.exe" Name="Altair HyperCrash 8.0"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="optistruct.exe" Name="Altair OptiStruct"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="osm_post.exe" Name="Altair OsSmooth"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="osm_pre.exe" Name="Altair OsSmooth"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="osm_solve.exe" Name="Altair OsSmooth"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="ossmooth.exe" Name="Altair OsSmooth"/>
                                          <APPLICATION Label="templex.exe" Name="Altair Templex"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="ANSYS applications">
                                          <APPLICATION Label="ANSYS.exe" Name="ANSYS applications"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000002" Default="0x00000002" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="ASCON KOMPAS-3D">
                                          <APPLICATION Label="KOMPAS.exe" Name="ASCON KOMPAS-3D"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_app_support_bits2" Value="0x00000200" Default="0x00000200" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="Autodesk 3ds Max">
                                          <APPLICATION Label="3dsmax.exe" Name="Autodesk 3ds Max"/>
                                          <PROPERTY Label="ws_application_key" Value="0x00000003" Default="0x00000003" Itemtype="predefined"/>
                                      <PROFILE Label="Base Profile"/>


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                                Petrula Level 1

                                When I called Adobe Technical Support on 7/8/2010, they said that the GTX 285 was not limited and should run all CS5 PPro layers just like the Quadro FX. It should also accelerate CS5 AE and Photoshop (link). Is this true since other threads say that GTX 285 only accelerates three layers and uses the CPU for higher layers?


                                For the GPU hacks for GTX 470 and 480 boards, do they work (accelerate) for CS5 AE and Photoshop? Does CS5 PPro accelerate for all layers? Does CS5 encoding accelerate with the hack? Thanks in advance.

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                                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                                  Yes, no, yes, yes.

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                                    Petrula Level 1

                                    Harm, Thanks for the feedback.


                                    So if I understand, the matrix is


                                    Quadro FX

                                    GTX 285

                                    GTX 470 Hack

                                    GTX 480 Hack

                                    PPro render all layers





                                    PPro encoding





                                    After Effects










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                                      Harm Millaard Level 7

                                      NO!! Sorry, but I only answered the last part of the TWO questions in the same first sentence.


                                      Only Renders in PR use MPE. The first row is correct, all other rows are a big fat N.

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                                        Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                                        Regarding the three-layer limitation: That was removed with the Premiere Pro CS5 (5.0.1) update.

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                                          jabloomf1230 Level 1

                                          I think I mentioned this in the previous thread. Step 5 is only necessary for the dual GPU GTX 295. It does nothing discernable for single GPU nVidia cards.


                                          In addition, unless you use another program like nHancer to do the software settings (and not the nVidia Control Panel), any entry with the same exe file name will show up as one entry. Since P Pro CS4 and CS5 have the same exe name, they both show up as CS4. You can fool the nVidia CP by making a copy of "Adobe Premiere Pro.exe" and rename it to something else, but then dynamic link will probably break.